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  Black Lion Audio White Sparrow MkII Review

Black Lion Audio did not hold back on delivering a stellar upgrade to their White Sparrow Analog-To-Digital converter...
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Roland Debuts AIRA Lineup

After some excellent teaser material, Roland finally came clean on their new Aria lineup of future retro gear. The reboots of their legendary TB-303, TR-909/808, System 100 and Voice Transformer, are now the TB-3, TR-8, System-1 and VT-3 respectively. The famed analog circuitry has unfortunately been replaced by what Roland describes as Analog Circuit Behavior, basically a pseudo-new analog modeling technology meant to replicate each and every circuit of the original boards.

sE Gemini II

By refining the concept for the Gemini 2, sE is not only demonstrating its commitment to the hybrid tube/transformerless technology, but also as a force to be reckoned with beyond strictly value-based, budget microphones...
sE Electronics Gemini II Microphone Review

FabFilter Pro-MB

The Pro-MB is well executed on every level from the intuitive and attractive interface, to the brilliant sound quality...
FabFilter Pro-MB Review


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